We provide our customers with a myriad of services. Our services include:

  • Custom shapes and glass cuts:
    We try to design our glass cuts in such a way that it reflects your personality and taste, to make sure that it truly represents you.

  • Consultation and Guidance:
    We provide consultation services to our clients \, to help them make sure that they are making the right decision and do not feel a bit of regret engaging in our services.

  • Highlighting the corners and contours:
    We made sure to highlight the corners and contours of your place by using framed or tiled custom glass mirror.

  • Increase the space of your rooms:
    We install mirrored walls to make your small or cramped up spaces appear larger and more spacious and we are also capable of installing mirrored backlash to create depth in a kitchen.

  • Statement mirrors:
    Our statement mirrors are custom created and are known for adding a classy taste to your fireplaces and headboards.

  • Mirrored shelves with panoramic views:
    We also install, repair and replace custom glass mirror shelves. Our mirror shelves give you art pieces, antiques and sculptures a 360 degree panoramic view.

  • Enhancing the light of your space:
    We know how to utilize the angles and illuminate your room with natural light through it. The right angle and the right mirror will illuminate any dark room with lack of windows. You can use bedroom mirrors, hanging or framed mirrors and mounted mirrors to illuminate any dark room. Bedroom mirrors reflect natural light and artificial light to illuminate your room. We also specialize in installing custom made framed and hanging mirrors and mounted mirrors magnify that illumination. We know how to place them in a way that will help the natural light fill your place with delight. These mirrors will add a pinch of taste and fill your empty and plain looking walls.

    Services for Custom Glass Mirrors in San Diego Repairs Shower Doors. For the best in custom glass installation and mirror replacement call us today.